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Ashley Dave @ashleydave

  • 13 days

    Tooth decay and accidents cause damage to teeth that is unable to be repaired. If the damage is left alone, it can provide opportunities for bacteria to cause infections. Dental crowns are one of Houston’s foremost restorative dental implants. They preserve and protect the original tooth while also restoring function to the tooth as well as its original appearance. Repair tooth damage, conceal stains, and permanently restore your smile with same day porcelain dental crowns by Houston dentist. Talk with your Memorial Galleria area Houston dentist and discuss what options are available for you and which ones may be the best for your situation. There is no one size fits all solution. Every crown is custom made just for the patient, and so too is the care custom tailored to each situation.
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  • 1 month

    At NABA Dental, we offer services covering a wide variety of procedures, from basic preventative care to cosmetic dentistry, as well as restorative, deep tooth, and gum treatments. We also provide sedation services for sensitive patients in addition to emergency dental care in Houston. Whether you’re coming in for a routine checkup or an in-depth procedure, we provide affordable adult dentistry to keep you smiling. Visit us online
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